Settled in the central part of western Serbia, in the region known as Radjevina, lies the heart of our operation – the Frikos facility. Built in 2000 on 15 acres of land, the facility boasts a frozen storage capacity of about 9,000 metric tons. The daily freezing capacity is 80 tons per 24 hours in the flow freezers and 140 tons per 24 hours in the static freezer.

Approximately 70% of the fruit collected by Frikos is grown within a 50-kilometer radius of the facility, with more than 80% of it being freshly picked. This proximity allows us to select high-quality products and freeze them in a timely manner.

Situated next to several 1,000-meter mountain peaks and surrounded by hills suitable for growing fruit, our journey begins in the orchards of our reliable farmers.

Together, we care for the fruit from bud to harvest. The reception and initial quality evaluation of the fruit are carried out under the watchful eye of our technologists. The fruit is then rapidly frozen to preserve its perfection.
After freezing, the fruit undergoes a detailed inspection process to prepare it for freeze-drying.

In 2022, we completed the installation of 8 freeze dryers of our own production. An additional 4 freeze dryers have since been added, allowing us to produce a total of 1,000 tons of various freeze-dried products per year. The facility where freeze-dried fruits are further inspected is equipped with cutting-edge equipment, ensuring that the delivered product is of the highest possible quality.